Put Together 4

Put Together Farm Templates

put my head on !

    Free templates for kids, with drag and drop images and shadow text.

    If you need help with the template click here, and follow the instructions.

    These templates are ideal for educational and personal use for young children.

    Templates tested in:
    Firefox... Exhalant
    Chrome... Exhalant
    IE 8... Poor

    Mobile ready: yes.
    Also included: Header with your logo, top links, drag and drop images, moveable text, shadow text and open and close text box.

    layout.html, New template layout.

    Farm 1: Chicken, cow, pig and turkey.
    Farm 2: Donkey, duck, goat and sheep.

    Instructions on how to save the template:
    Click on the background (below)
    then Right Click on the page ( IE.. in file, save as...)
    then select "Save page as...
    file name: ???.html
    Save as type: "Web Page Complete" (*.htm,*.html).

farm 1

farm 2

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