Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. If i found any vector, clip arts and graphics on your site that is a copyright, what should i do ?.
    (A) If you feel some resources have infringed your copyright, Please contact me, and i will delete it as quickly as possible.

    2. Can I put my web site link or my banner on your site ?.
    (A) yes... Increase your visitors by placing a link to your web site on the add your link Page.

    3. Can I put your site link on my site ?.
    (A) yes... I would appreciate it. link to us 4. Can I put my web site link on your free links page if it's an adult site ?.
    (A) no...This is a family friendly web site. We do not allow adult links.

    5. Can i submit an animation ?.
    (A) yes... If you have a animated gif that YOU made, and would like to see it here, send it to my e-mail. No adult content or copyrights that donot belong to you.

Copyright Information

    Copyright is the legal means of protecting expression. Copyright attaches to a work when the work becomes "fixed" in a tangible medium, which can be paper, magnetic tape or silicon. This fixation occurs when an expression is "sufficiently permanent or stable to permit it to be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated for a period of more than a transitory duration.
    "1 The rights attach immediately, without need for a copyright symbol. The date also attaches immediately. A violation of copyright occurs when someone without authorization of the copyright owner displays or makes an exact duplicate of the work or creates a derivative work based on the copyrighted expression.
    There is no requirement that work must be labeled with a copyright notice. This has important ramifications on the Web because every authored element of every web page is thus copyright protected. There are only two exceptions to this: one is when the original author explicitly specifies otherwise and the other is when copyright lapses after the passage of time. the prudent course is to assume that all works found on the Web will not be in the public domain for at least 44 years.